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Reader reviews
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Marina R. Soral, Freelance journalist - Author from Graz (Austria)
     „Is it possible to combine Network Marketing and provide tips for building a business with a mystery novel? The author understands it to sent both parties weaving together so that an unified whole were grow without to miss out the criminal story. He keeps the reader in line with surprisingly good ideas, in which he casually gives wisdom and insider knowledge about network marketing. As a result the book gets its own thoughtfulness, you can normally not really expect from a thriller. The author has managed to unite the criminal story and insider knowledge, so that both benefits from each other. The author repeatedly succeed to work in informations in the flow of the story, than the story were just bizarre and implausible without the background of network marketing. This was realized as in the last chapter was obvious.
The impression is created in presenting of the supporting characters that you could meet them in real life or be already familiar with them. The ending is brilliant and gives reasonable hopes to get to read even more by the author.“
Andrea Suhr from Güstrow (Germany)

     „A great book with a fascinating story.

I almost read it in one piece, because the story has captivated me. I was thrilled that network marketing was explained on a great way and I also got one or two tips on how to integrate sponsorship better in everyday life.
I will definitely recommend it to all my partners.

I want more of it!“
Michael Rosenthal from Euskirchen (Germany)
     „A successful book (as the first crime novel from this area), which not only informs the inexperienced reader about Network Marketing, but also helping "old hands" to get a new input . It is pleasant that the tangible part is packaged into small bites that are interwoven with the actuall crime story.
The crime story dominated in their exciting and entertaining action clearly tangible part and therefore provides worthwhile and recommended reading material.
But - and this makes this book so likable:
the author has a very clear focus on the part of the crime story and its action. Thus the book is also suited to the reader without interesting on MLM.“
Gitta Dierung from Potsdam (Germany)

     "Hard to believe but true: after 8 years I could re-read a book. What means read, I have literally "devoured" the book on a weekend. I could not really put aside, because it has captivated me. In some situations I found myself. In this book so much reality is described of the life of a networker. Every day and every opportunity you can appeal to people without pressure and obligation. Who loves Network who also lives it.
But unfortunately for some interested parties the first and second steps were made more difficult by success requirements. The fear of failure sidetracked many people. For my further work in the network business I will necessarily recommend this book as start and decision support.“

Ralf Lindner from Friedrichshafen (Germany)

     "This thriller is exceptional in the sense, because you learn the simplicity of making contacts and the actual presentation of this business segment in a great formulated example. It seduces to try different details yourself.

He also reads pleasant and boredom is unknown. The right book for long winter evenings and a great gift for your downline …“

Sabine Höffgen from Solingen (Germany)

     „Reality and imaginary story are flowing into each other, so that the reader does not get boring. The author makes the reader to touch him inside.
As a result, he gives them a chance to expand and change their knowledge about network marketing what especially beginners will lead to new actions. People who are active in this distribution for several years will often agree with the author, they often smile and will remind of the one or the other approach.
But also the classic crime story readers will not miss out.
Excitement and action is amply provided for.“
Silke Retelsdorf from Süderholz (Germany)
     „>Tödliche Sideline< is a real treat. The alpha and omega of network marketing is very understandable packed in a crime story. At the latest after reading the principle is finally clear to me and made me curious for more. It's very interesting when you get detailed dealing with this topic. What all is possible ... amazing.
Conclusion: >Tödliche Sideline< is a must for anyone who wants to get ahead in network marketing. Had it been a normal "practice book" perhaps I would not bought it. But as a crime story ... I greedily grab it , especially since I am a real thriller fan. As such I imagine quite demanding in terms of the content, spelling and the excitement. This something other crime novel passed the "test" with flying colors.
I hope that more books of this kind are in the planning and I'm really looking forward to the next. On me as a reader can be counted in any case. Keep it up!“
MLM-Infos.com | Online portal for sales reps, Network Marketing and Direct Sales
     „>Tödliche Sideline< is the first network marketing crime story worldwide. In this book the reader learns more about network marketing, integrated into a tingly crime story, from an objective per network marketing perspective. The book is based on the author's experience in the network marketing business who has been achieved in a MLM company the highest level in the compensation plan. He is someone who knows and loves the industry. He tried with a lot of expertise on the one hand to bring the inexperienced reader closer to our industry and on the other hand he wants to give colleagues and collaborators some basics for a successful MLM business.
Why do we give the recommendation?
The author Christoph Kowalczyk is known us for years as a reputable executive in our industry. The book has the potential to improve the image of our industry in public. Both beginners and Intermediate are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and be reminded of some things. The book is exciting and entertaining. Even if the reader is interested in neither the expertise nor the industry, he will experience entertaining hours in reading.“
Claudia Hauser from Küsnacht (Switzerland)
     „I read the description of this book and told me that I have to read it. I ordered it for me and waited longingly. I started right away as it was finally here and could not put it down. The story is very interesting, the people described in great detail, so I felt directly in the scene, quasi in the middle. For us Networker, whether new or been there for years, it is peppered with real and helpful tips.

The book is written humorous and witty. I even had to smile in the discussions between German and Austrian expressions. All in all a successful and entertaining, interesting book, highly recommended! Also for non Networkers ;-)“
Regina Sehnert from Zeulenroda-Triebes (Germany)
     „I must admit that I don't like to read detective stories - at least the ones where it's all about murder. After reading some reviews of Tödliche Sideline I suspected that this is a different kind of crime novel. That's why and also out of pure curiosity I ordered the book and immediately began to read.
The story pulled me from the first page in its spell. Nestled in the story you learn in this way, what is hidden behind the term actually Network Marketing. In no case that what I previously suspected as an absolute amateur: Caution, unfair shops, pyramid scheme, so hands off!
Very clever and never losing the thread of the exciting action from the eyes, the author's key players give lots of tips along the way how you can be successful in life or fail - and not only related to Network Marketing.

Finally I would like to say: Tödliche Sideline was an exciting entertaining book for me through which I even was able to expand my horizon in some areas."
Carola Steyer from Burladingen (Germany)
     „Mysterious Circumstances exciting told, full of various characters that verbalize funny as well as instructive advices network marketing convincingly. The brilliant representation of the respective changing surroundings have the gigantic effect that the reader felt directly in the action.
The lively writing style makes it hard not to go to the next page to get the crime on the track.
Tödliche Sideline increase the adrenaline of the reader guaranteed and involves so many eye-opening experiences!
Tödliche Sideline gets to me the THUMBS UP as well as my personal recommendation.“
Andi Fischer from Berlin (Germany)

     „The book gets under your skin! This crime novel does not live by sensations, he lives by his closeness to life. Even as I read it, I saw in front of our house a parked white van - and was immediately brought back into the story. The many lovingly detailed descriptions of the story are a welcome stylistic devices and help both a newbie and some old-timers to simple but important insights into the MLM industry. Network Marketing is a team business.

With which of the many characters you will identify yourself?“
Renate Schweitzer from Obergünzburg-Ebersbach (Germany)
     „I'm normally not a bookworm rather, sit in my limited spare time rather front of the TV, put my feet up and let me sprinkle until I fall asleep. It was different in this thriller. I was naturally curious because I know the author personally. But after the first few pages that played no role anymore. The story caught me and I was fascinated by how the combination was succeeded between entertaining story and important for my business literature. By the way, here you learn the basics of MLM on a appealing way that I would have made me on the search for such a business opportunity immediately if I were not been there for years. A book that I can really put in everyones heart who has a serious interest in learning more about this interesting and risk-free business opportunity in addition with entertaining times with excitement and thrill.“
Marion Hempfing from Michendorf (Germany)

     „A great thriller with an unusual idea (a bit of Hitchcock), well thought out and carefully constructed.
The story is funny and stylistically clean written and consistently exciting with some surprising twists. And by the way the author conveys on a very sympathetic way a rollicking fun about network marketing and lots of good advice for the business.

What more could you want?“
Waldek Burzinski from Frankfurt /M. (Germany)
     „A few months ago I ordered the book and waited in anticipation of the delivery. This excitement never left me until I read through the last page. The imaginative story full of unexpected twists has stayed with me until today in memory. The genre of crime fiction I avoided to date in a wide arc. "Not for me" I thought. Since this debut novel by Christoph Kowalczyk I know that it was an error of judgment from me. Who knows, maybe many readers will discover as well as I do that some things are misjudged from time to time. The profound and pleasant understated humor of the author acts very supportive.

All in all: a very successful debut!“

Andrea Finken from Wegberg-Arsbeck (Germany)
     „When I heard the term "Network-Crime" for the first time, I was very curious to see what would be hidden behind it. It was / is a book which connects an exciting crime story with many insights to the network marketing in a very entertaining way. Readers who are not so familiar with network marketing get lots of information about the business (for example the explanation about the difference between Network Marketing and snowball systems) and old-timers in Network will find many tips for their daily work.

In short, a successful book that leaves you wanting more!“
Maria-Patricia Müller von Klobuczinsky from Berlin (Germany)

     „An exciting book that always provides surprises. I could not put it down and was unfortunately already finished after three days. The distribution system is ideal packaged in the history. It is instructive, gives inspirations, ideas and ignorant people some insight as easy and simple MLM is.

I have already given away a book and wait for the feedback.“
Petra Poth from Bodensee (Germany)

     „I thank the author for this very entertaining thriller. I was not been able to put the book a long time out of my hand. After 5 minutes I had just to read and thrill me again. After reading the first 35 pages I armed myself with a pen and a highlighter. This book is very well suited to pass it on to the own downline partner as teaching material. It clearly shows that and especially how to offer the opportunity to earn money everybody on an humorous and simple way.
How unimportant are the age, the profession or the nationality of a person. It is a courage-making book and after reading I can hardly await to get new enthusiastic people in my team. Many thanks again to the author and every success and inspiration to all readers.“
Sabine Grahn from Weilerswist (Germany)

     „A pleasant-to-read exciting crime novel with several highlights. The story is tightly organized but also allows the reader (and the characters) quieter phases. In this book also the "clueless" reader will granted information about the distribution system MLM - but always embedded in the action so that this is mainly a worth reading novel and will not mutated to a non-fiction book. “
Sönke Nottelmann from Berlin (Germany)

     „It was very exciting and instructive at the same. Anyone interested in Network see in this book how really easy our business is and making contacts and simultaneously the story thrills so strong that you simply must read on. Similar to the dramatics of Ken Follet.“
Rosie Ziesmer from Berlin (Germany)

     „An entertaining book which is excellent be suitable to explain what Network Marketing is. Nestled in a crime story that awakens curiosity at the beginning how it will ends.“
Elke Borchardt from Rosengarten (Germany)

     „Tödliche Sideline - a thrilling book from beginning to end. Also the Basics in network marketing are explained on an easy-going way - and great integrated in the story. Now I'm curious looking forward to book No. 2.“