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René continues his online odyssey after this conversation.
He read the latest sports news and watched the latest news of a well-known online portal. He was on the verge of turning off the computer when he looked around on the web page of a tabloid following an inspiration. Something he rarely did, because he do not like sensationalist reports
He stopped at a report of an accident.
A BMW went off the road and drove into the front of a restaurant of a well-known hotel in Vienna. There were five minor injured because fortunately the restaurant was hardly busy at this time.
But that was not what touched him. On the photo, which showed the accident, several people were seen. A couple caught his eyes particularly.
About three months ago, two of his best friends had died in a boating accident. And now he discovered two people on the photo which saw these friends confusingly similar.
OK, the hair color of the woman was different, also the nose. The man was bald instead of shoulder-length hair and he was thinner than his friend, but otherwise ...
He thought for a moment, then he picked up the phone and dialed the number of Andi.
»Schneider«, it sounded from the handset in honeyed tones.
»Hi, it's me. Is the Glaser already gone?«
»Yes, he is.«
»Are you sitting right in front of your computer?«
»Yup, why are you asking?«
»Just have a look on the following web page!«
He gave him the exact address.
»Do you notice anything special on this photo?« René asked.
Andi looked at it closely. A car had crached into the restaurant front. There was a complete chaos. Everywhere broken glass, broken furniture, excited staff, a couple was talking to a police officer, the BMW seemed to be totaled ... oh, moment, the couple!
»I can't believe it«, he rasped.
»O.K., you see it as well«, René said.
»Just wait, I'm coming over!« Andi answered and hung up.
A few minutes later Andy stood in the office of his brother-in-law and stared on the monitor with him.
Andi commented perplexed: »But ... that's not possible yet! How can someone looks so similar?«
»Honestly, I do not really know what I have to think«, Rene softly said. »The probability that there are people who see other people on the cell almost exactly similar is certainly present. But I think that there is a couple who is the spitting image of another couple is far less likely than winning the lottery with a bonus number.
That allows only one option left: it means that our friends wasn't blown to pieces in an explosion three months ago.«
Suddenly the door opened and their wives entered the room.
»Here they are!« Steffi called out, went to her husband and gave him a kiss. »We are back.«
But the men did not respond. René was still looking at the monitor and Andi turned away gazing into space.
»Hey, what's wrong?« Angie asked and put her arms around her husband while she kissed him on the forehead.
As if he would just wake up from hypnosis, René looked at his wife and pointed at the monitor.
»Please look at this picture and tell us what do you see!«
Angie looked at the monitor and Steffi was looking over her shoulder. After a few seconds Angie's eyes widened.
Steffi croaked: »Oh, my God!«
»That can not be true. When was this photo taken?« Angie wanted to know.
»This accident happened … wait a moment!«
He scrolled to the beginning of the report where the date of the contribution was written.
»Yes. Yesterday.«
»Now I need a coffee. Is there still a rest in it?« Angie asked, pointing to the thermos.
»Yes. It should still have to be for each one-half cup in it«, Rene said. »Do you also want one?« he asked the other two.
They nodded silently. René took cups out of the small dresser and put them on the conference table at which he sat recently with Mr. Amadeus. He distributed the coffee on four cups and handed them all.
»Well then? What do you think now?« René asked in the round.
But no one said anything. Everyone looked helplessly until Steffi ended the silence.
»How high is the probability that the two have survived the explosion?« she asked.
»Put it this way«, Andi pointed out, »if they were on board - zero.«
»You apparently thought the same like me«, René agreed. »If they were really on board …«
Angie frowned and said: »But there were witnesses who have seen them.«
»Wrong,« said René. »There were witnesses who testified that a man and a woman were on board. The witnesses did not know the two. It would therefore theoretically possible that there were other people on board. At least the probability is much larger that the two on this photo were actually Steffen and Sabrina than two strangers who looked like them by chance.«
»We could call Denise and ask her what she thinks about this photo«, suggested Andi.
»That's a really great idea!" Angie called out snidely. "What do you want to say? - Hey, Denise, I have seen your parents on a photo. They are not dead. They just keep hidden. - Or how do you imagine that? "
She paused for a moment and then continued: "What do you mean how she will react? She hopefully have started to process that their parents are no longer alive. And then you want to tell her that this is not? Do you have any idea what you could induce in her with this suspicion? "
She shook her head.
"Please banish this thought right back!«
»If we want to find out who these two people are, there is just one possibility: we have to fly to vienna«, concluded René.
»Oh, and how do you imagine that?«, Steffi contradict him. »We can not just drop everything for flying to Vienna.«
»Why not?« Andi countered. »Sure, we can not go together, finally the kids must continue school although summer vacation is soon. But I could fly with René if you don't mind.«
»And all the dates in the next few days?« Steffi expressed her misgiving energetic. »Should we all cancel?«
Everyone could see that Steffi did not enthusiastic about this idea.
»Honestly, honey«, Andy meant, »but what appointments do you mean? As far as I have that in mind, we have three dates with new interested parties of our business which you could take. And you could take the incorporation and training with new partners with Angie together.
After all you've done it once before. More dates does not occur to me on the fly.«
Steffi folded her arms displeased across her chest and looked angry at her husband.
Angie went to her sister-in-law, touched her arm and pulled her gently to the door, while her soothing voice said, »Come on, let's cooking the meal first of all.«
But Steffi, who was already in a very bad mood, broke away and remonstrated:
"No, I can not leave the two alone. Who knows what they will hatch up!
»Steffi! Please!« Angie asked her gently but very determined.
Her friend hesitates briefly, but then she let her lead in the kitchen albeit reluctantly.